Obtaining a Library Card

  • Any person living in Washington, Greene or Fayette County may register for a free library card.
  • To obtain a library card, you must complete the Patron Registration Form that is available at the circulation desks and present:
    •  a valid driver’s license or other form of photo identification
    •  a verifiable written form of identification, including current, permanent address
  • Children that have started kindergarten through age seventeen are eligible for a library card with parental signature and identification. 
  • Resident students attending a Washington, Greene or Fayette County college may register for a free 1 year library card with proper student identification.
  • Non-residents of Washington, Greene or Fayette County are welcome to:
    • Apply for a free library card by presenting their Access PA Library Card and the identifications required above OR
    • Register by paying an annual fee of $10.00
  • The fee to replace a lost or damaged library card is $2.00.
  • You must present your library card or valid photo ID each time you borrow materials or use library computers.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Your library card is valid at all participating WAGGIN libraries.
  • Library cards are renewed every 3 years.

Renewing Library Cards

Most accounts expire every three years and must be renewed with proper ID. All patrons are required to have a zero balance on their library card in order to extend the card for another 3 years.  Minor children’s accounts require a parent/guardian’s ID for renewal. ***Note: You will not be issued a new library card. The information is just updated in the library’s lending system. ***


Computers with high-speed Internet access are located on the 1st floor for adult use. Self-registration is available with your WAGGIN Library card. Children under 17 must have a library card and parental permission in their on-line registration record to use the computers located in the Young Adult Department.

To use the library computers, you must be in good standing as a library patron.  Visitors may use the library computers as a guest twice.  After that, they may obtain a library card to continue using the library computers.

When all computers on a floor are in use and there is someone waiting for a computer, there is a one hour time limit for computer usage.  This will help to ensure equitable computer access for all library patrons and visitors.  Library staff has the authority to enforce the time limit when needed.

  1. Computer use is free but there is a charge to print from the computer. See Printing
  2. The internet is to be used for accessing material in the realm of information normally provided by the library. The internet may contain defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially-offensive or illegal material and the library equipment should never be used to access said material.  Accessing such material may violate the PA Criminal Code at 18 Pa. CSA, Paragraph 5903.
  3. It is illegal to tamper with computer hardware or software, make unauthorized entry into other computers, vandalize or destroy computer files, save material to the hard drive or desktop, or alter the configuration of library equipment. Patrons who do so are liable for the cost for professional repairs and may face criminal charges.
  4. Any violation of the Internet Policy will result in the loss of computer and internet privileges.

Wireless Internet Access

The library provides wireless Internet access within the library building.


Printing from library computers is available.  Black and white prints are $.25/page and color prints are $2.00/page.

Circulation Policy

Borrowing Policy:

You must present your library card or valid photo ID each time you borrow materials or use library computers.  Most materials may be borrowed for 14 days.  Most materials may be renewed up to 2 times at the library, by telephone or online.  You may check out up to 20 items at one time per library card.  However, DVDs are restricted to five (5) items per library card.  Materials may be returned inside the library at the circulation desks or in one of two outside drop boxes.  All launchpads and Young Explorer kits must be returned inside the library at a circulation desk.  There is a drop box for books and magazines and a separate drop box for digital media, such as DVDs, Playaways, and Audiobooks.

Loan Periods and Limits:

Books, Audiobooks, Playaways, Magazines 2 weeks (may be renewed twice if there are no holds)
DVDs 1 week (may be renewed twice if there are no holds)
Launchpads 2 weeks (with no renewals)


The library card holder is responsible for:

  • All materials checked out on the card
  • Payment of any fines or fees for overdue, damaged, lost or stolen materials
  • Reporting a lost card immediately
  • Providing prompt notice of a change in address

Overdue Materials

Overdue fines are assessed if items are not returned or renewed by the due date. Fines are charged to maintain the library’s collection and provide equal access to all cardholders.  Due dates are indicated on the paper receipt printed when items are checked out. You may also check the due dates of your materials by logging on to your online account from the WAGGIN catalog. All fines should be paid as promptly as possible.

Fines and Fees

Fines for overdue materials and other fees are as follows:

Books, audiobooks, magazines $.20 per day, up to a maximum fine of $5.00/item
DVDs, Playaways, Launchpads $1.00 per day, up to a maximum fine of $5.00/item
Replace a lost or damaged library card $2.00
Copier (black and white copies only) $.10 per page
Black and white prints $.25 per page
Color prints $2.00 per page
Send a fax within the United States $1.00 per page
Receive a fax $.25 per page


Payments can be made by cash or check.  To use your credit or debit card at the library, the transaction must be a minimum of $5. Fines are not calculated on days the library is closed.

Borrowing privileges, including computer use and access to electronic resources, will be suspended when the total fines reach $10.00.

Damaged Items

Patrons are responsible for the care of library materials in their possession.  Items deemed damaged beyond repair will be billed to the patron’s account.

Lost Materials

Library items that are lost or remain unreturned will be billed to your account.  Bills include a processing fee to cover re-cataloging, processing, and bar codes.  A lost item must be paid in full to restore borrowing privileges.  In-kind replacements are not encouraged and cannot be guaranteed to be accepted.  The library reserves the right to accept only payment and not a replacement item.

Frank Sarris Library Patron Behavior Policy

The goal of the Frank Sarris Public Library is to provide a safe, orderly and comfortable library environment for all patrons. To that end, certain standards of behavior have been established. To maintain this environment, the staff of Frank Sarris Public Library is authorized to exercise judgment regarding both individual and group behavior.  Patrons who enter the Frank Sarris Public Library assume the responsibility to act courteously toward all other patrons and Library staff, to act respectfully with regard to public property, and to follow the rules of the library facility. The Library reserves the right to expel any individual(s) whose behavior is disruptive or whose actions interfere with the use of the Library by others. Patrons who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave the Library.  In turn, their Library privileges may be suspended temporarily or permanently.  If needed, on site and/or appropriate law enforcement authorities will be promptly notified.

Patron Behavior Standards

  • Practice respect and civility when dealing with fellow patrons and staff.
  • Speak in a tone and at a volume level assuring that other patrons and staff are not disrupted.
  • Refrain from coarse or vulgar language.
  • Maintain an acceptable standard of personal hygiene. Wear shirts and shoes at all times.
  • Supervise the behavior of your children.
  • Use the computer for the amount of time permitted by your registration.  Request addition time at the desk.
  • Abstain from the use of all tobacco products and illegal drugs both inside and outside on library property.

In order to provide a safe and comfortable library environment, the following are NOT permitted:

  • Destruction or theft of library materials or property
  • Consumption of food or beverages except in the appropriate specified area
  • Possession of weapons
  • Solicitation of any type
  • Sleeping inside or outside on library property
  • Demonstration of aggressive behavior and/or public display of excessive affection

 Please enjoy the library and please allow all others the same opportunity.