The Carnival Came to Town

The carnival came to the library in May and what fun we had!  On Sunday, May 20, we hosted approximately 160 people for an afternoon of carnival games, fun activities and yummy food. There were 13 games to play including Fat Cat, Duck Pond, Magnetic Darts, Coke Toss, Pro Kick Soccer and Flip a Chick to name a few.  Frogs and chickens (all rubber, don’t worry) were flying, balls were rolling and hoops and darts were tossed as new memories were made.  Attikin Rothacher, a Teen Advisory Board (TAB) member, showcased his magic skills and kept visitors guessing during his three magic shows.  Children also got creative with their use of color at the spin art table and in the designs they chose at the face painting area.  Determination and perseverance were also on display as kids won their coveted prize.  We had a blast with all of you that day and hope you and your families enjoyed it too!  We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to all the people who helped bring the carnival to life, without you, it wouldn’t have been possible: the community members who attended, the library staff who gave up their Sunday to help man all the stations and our many volunteers including: Seth Butler, Hannah Chop, Mary Dombrowski, Edward Engel, Rachel Graham (TAB),  Henry Mongrain (TAB), Serah Pino, Rita Polansky, Jackie Radlinsky (TAB), Andrea Raymer, Attikin Rothacher (TAB), Jamison Rovnak, Samantha Sonnet, Emma Traynor, Sara Ventura (TAB) and MacKenzie Welch (TAB).  Here’s to more good times at your library!