Reading Academy Launchpads Have Arrived

We are adding to our Launchpad collection and our new arrivals are focused on learning to read.  Launchpad Reading Academy is a 5-level guided reading system that helps kids learn to read with apps, storybooks and videos.  This multi-sensory learning tool helps teach kids to read however they learn best.  Reading Academy makes it easy to jump in at your current reading level and advance from there.  No downloads or WiFi are required.  Reading Academy levels include pre-emerging, emerging, early developing, developing and independent.  We currently have three different Reading Academy Launchpads at each of the five levels and are adding more to the collection in December. Within each level, Reading Academy Launchpads can be explored in any order.  Borrow one at the right level for your child and help them transition from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn!


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