Playaways: How to Listen in Your Car

Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks while driving to work or going on a road trip?  Do you feel like you have borrowed most of our audiobook collection?  If so, have you given Playaways a try?  Playaways are audiobooks without CDs.  You listen to a book using a player that can fit in the palm of your hand along with a AAA battery and headphones/earbuds.  Although Playaways are typically used with headphones/earbuds, using a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary audio cable (or aux cord) allows you to connect Playaways to your car stereo to enjoy audiobooks while on the road (if your vehicle has an auxiliary jack).

Auxiliary audio cables can be purchased for $4-6 at places like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and others.  To connect the Playaway to your car stereo, plug one end of the auxiliary cable into the headphone jack on the Playaway and the other end into your car stereo’s auxiliary jack.  You are ready to listen and enjoy!  Playaways can also be enjoyed outside your car.  They are small and light enough to fit in your pocket when walking, doing work around the house or the yard, etc.  Try something from our collection of Playaways today!