New Launchpads are Here!

You may be familiar with our Playaway Launchpads for children. If you are not, these devices are the first ever, secure, pre-loaded learning tablets designed for children in a circulation environment. Launchpads for children are pre-loaded with high-quality learning apps and are available in many subjects. Every Launchpad is durable enough to move from the hands of one little explorer to the next. We have Launchpads for children ages 3-5, ages 5-7 and ages 10+ and the great news is that we recently expanded our collection for all three age groups! In related news, we have added these tablets to our Adult and Young Adult collections. Now teens and adults can explore, learn, play, and stay sharp with pre-loaded apps and games. The Young Adult and Adult tablets can include learning apps which are interactive learning tools curated to build knowledge and master new skills, casual games which are just-for-fun packs to help unwind, relieve stress, and challenge skills or brain games which include apps to challenge memory, problem-solving skills, attention span and more. All Launchpads come with an adapter/charger and may be borrowed for 2 weeks; however, they cannot be renewed. Although Launchpads have a durable, protective bumper, they are still a tablet and need to be handled with care. Our latest Launchpads will be ready for circulation soon, so stop by or visit the on-line library catalog to see what’s new!