FSPL FanFest – Fan Art Contest

We are hosting a Fan Art Contest in conjunction with FSPL FanFest for local artists ages 10 years and up.  FSPL FanFest takes place on October 2 and 3, so you will have almost two months to tap into your imagination and creativity – what a great way to spend those summer hours!  Find out more about the contest by reading the Fan Art Contest Rules and Entry Form Bring those ideas to life and share your fandom with our community; we can’t wait to see what you create!

The People’s Choice voting will move online this year. Details are in the contest rules above.

Visit our FSPL FanFest 2019 Photo Album to see artwork from the 2019 Fan Art Contest.

Psst…in case you aren’t aware of Fan Art, here is a quick description….Fan art is artwork that is created by fans of a work of fiction, typically visual media such as comics, movies, video games etc., and stems from a character or other aspect of that work.