FSPL Fan Fest – Bringing Cosplay to the Community

Overview of Cosplay/Costumes at FSPL Fan Fest

No pop culture convention is complete without cosplay! Anyone who comes to FSPL Fan Fest on Saturday, September 7, is welcome and encouraged to dress as a favorite character from a comic book, video game, anime, movie, television show, or other pop culture medium. Mashups and original designs are also permitted: if you want to combine characters or create a jokey, gender-swapped, or another conceptual variation of a famous character, that’s great too! You can even team up with friends and family to come as related characters!

Your costume must meet all of the Cosplay and Props/Weapons Policies so that everyone can enjoy the fun. See the policies below.

Anyone can dress up and show off their costume at FSPL Fan Fest, but if you’ve put a lot of effort into pulling your costume together, or you just think you look really good, enter the Cosplay Contest!

Procedure for Cosplay Contest

  1. All cosplayers will check in at the entrance door to have their costumes and props approved before entering the library.
  2. At that point you will have the opportunity to fill out a Cosplay Contest Registration Form if you intend to participate in the contest. You will meet with the judges and have a picture taken for later consideration.
  3. Group costumes are allowed. If a member of your group is late, you may be asked to let other contestants go ahead of you.
  4. To participate in the contest, you must register by 1:00 PM. Last minute or unregistered entries in the contest are not guaranteed a chance to compete. No exceptions.
  5. All cosplay contest participants must have a cosplay outfit that is homemade. Homemade refers to any costume that was not packaged as a specific, complete costume. It can be something pieced together from various existing items or something sewn or constructed from scratch.
  6. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

Individual Categories: Ages 15 and under, and ages 16 and up.

Group Category: participants of any age who are dressed on a theme together can enter and be judged as a complete whole: the more the merrier!

Costumes will be judged according to these criteria:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Execution of Concept (accuracy and/or creativity)
  • Overall Appearance
  • Presentation – (ex. staying in character, vibe, props, and for groups, how well do you fit together, play off each other)

Cosplay Policies

FSPL Fan Fest is pleased to invite attendees to participate in the Cosplay Contest and encourages congoers to show off their cosplays throughout the convention. The following rules and regulations must be adhered by all attendees, whether or not they are participating in the Cosplay Contest or are in costume at all, for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees. Failure to comply with the rules below will be cause for your expulsion from the convention. All costumes and/or cosplay outfits must adhere to the following guidelines, regardless of the attendee’s age. Underage attendees violating the rules will be asked to leave along with their accompanying adult. There will be no exceptions.

FSPL Fan Fest Behavior Policies

FSPL Fan Fest Cosplay/Costume Policies

FSPL Fan Fest Props and Weapons Policies


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